What does ‘Sustainability’ mean to us? Can we simply say ‘ to be in sync with nature’. That means it has to necessarily be an everyday phenomenon rather than a topic to peruse. The repercussions of not being ‘in sync’ are speedily and eerily manifesting. Rising temperatures, unpredictable weather conditions, melting of the glaciers, extinction of wildlife, rise in sea level, hurricanes and tornadoes, and we can go on and on.

It is rather alarming at the rate we are consuming and generating waste. The waste mostly non- biodegradable is spilling over to our oceans and hills. The country side is no longer pristine and untouched to the ‘plastic’ spill over. There are forums both international as well as local who are talking about climate change and waste management. What have we got ourselves into? Basically get an unnerving feeling that we are walking into our own extinction. And don’t we deserve it?

The question is whether we can still turn it around? Can we stop production of non- biodegradable materials? Can we stop using machines which are producing greenhouse gases? Can we go ‘backwards’ in order to move ‘forward’.

In the last 30 years we witnessed the rapidity of the degradation of the eco system. Our utmost reliance on machines for daily life activities, ‘our hungry for more’ consumerism and rise in disposing of things instead of the natural human tendencies of conserving, nurturing, reusing, up cycling and recycling. Circularity was part of all ancient societies. This circularity got broken and now it’s a strain to go back to the previous ways of living. The Millennials in most parts of the world are unware of ‘what it was’, the simplicity of owning a thing for a lifetime and then passing in down to the next generation. What are we going to give the next generation to hold on to as precious and filled with memories, journeys and emotions?

Conscious consumption, slowing down, looking at old traditional wisdom could be an answer to our present situation. Let us know how you have been going back to your roots in your everyday life.


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